Brand Management

Your brand is so much more than a logo.

It is your identify and it’s what sets you apart from competitors. An effective brand is easy to remember, easy to recognize and easily distinguishable from your competition. It engages your customers and encourages a trusted, loyal connection.

What does the Internet have to do with branding?

For every grand and finely worded statement by your company President, a brand is also defined by the things you cannot control. If you ignore your brand - especially online - others will gladly make you into something you’re not.

The key to successful brand building is consistency.

Visual Voice Perceptions
Colors Tone Personality
Font Styles Style Approach
Logo Message Mission

The Internet has changed branding forever.

You can't entirely control a brand, but you can guide and influence it.

The public has more access to information than ever before. The result is more choices and higher expectations. Your brand’s message must captivate your target customer. To excel, your business must create the most compelling, relevant, and consistent brand experiences or risk losing everything to your competitors.

It's not just what customers think.

Brands are the perceptions about your organization from the inside too. Done right they have the power to inspire employees and affiliates to perform at their best and remain loyal to your mission in everything they do... on-the-clock and off. With the growing popularity of social media, managing your brand is more important now than ever.

888 Biz Webs guides our clients in defining and maintaining consistency with their online presence and other digital marketing to build memorable and positive connections with your customers.