Is your writing style engaging?

The most undervalued service provided by Internet marketers is copywriting. Words are words, right? Not so fast. The Internet is changing the way companies interact with customers. Are you keeping pace? Today, your copy must captivate your audience.

The secret to good web copy is understanding your customer and storytelling.

Successful copywriting makes a customer pause for a moment to read. It persuades them to buy what you are selling. It tells a story that allows the customer to imagine themselves as the main character. It is a simple idea, but one that many businesses seem to struggle with.

Think you don't have a story to tell? Think again:

Make Something Better Solve a Problem Entertain
What will improve or relieve stress for your customer?
Tell that story.
What perplexes or concerns your customer?
Tell that story.
What makes your customer laugh or feel at ease?
Tell that story.

Are you boring your customer?

If you're still talking at your customer (instead of with them), it is time to get off the soapbox.

Yes, it is a lot less work to stay in your comfort zone of spewing product specs and announcing special offers. These outbound strategies used to be standard practice. Today they are often ignored. If you only talk about yourself or rattle off data points, are you really connecting with your customer?

Make Your Business Memorable

Your customer is tuning you out if your content doesn't differ much from the competition. To stand out among the ordinary, you must involve your customer in the conversation.

Your story should reveal a bit about the personality of your company (and your employees). Your story should make your customer care enough to take action. Finally, your story should make your customers want to share it with others.

What's Your Story?

Writing your story can be intimidating. It takes time. It takes creativity. It takes rewrites - lots of rewrites. It takes research and an understanding of your customer.

Allow 888 Biz Webs to help your business capture the essence of your brand with professional copywriting. Without a good story, your business may easily be forgotten.