How much does it cost?

In most cases, your website and accompanying Internet marketing services should be considered an ongoing investment in your business rather than a one-time expense.

If your business requires a lower-cost website option than our prices listed below, you may want to consider our partner product, Small Biz Webs®.

A wide variety of factors will impact the initial and ongoing costs for Internet marketing. A client whose only goal is establishing credibility online will have different requirements than a client hoping to attract new business and nurture leads.

New Website or Redesign

Below are minimum pricing guidelines for developing a website with 888 Biz Webs. Complex and large websites can cost $100,000 to $150,000. An average client invests $25,000 to $30,000 in first-year services. We assist all of our clients in defining goals to determine the actions required for strategizing individualized plans.

General Marketing
Lead Generation
Custom Database
Minimum budget = $15,000
Minimum budget = $25,000
Minimum budget = $75,000

Internet Marketing Services

After your new website is developed, we may recommend entering into a monthly retainer agreement for ongoing maintenance and Internet marketing services including SEO, relationship marketing and copywriting. Retainer services are offered on a month-to-month basis with no long-term commitments.

Routine Maintenance
Monthly Retainer
SEO Maintenance
Monthly Retainer
CRM / Advanced
Monthly Retainer
Minimum per mo = $3,500
Minimum per mo = $7,500
Minimum per mo = $10,000

Annual Hosting and Subscriptions

Hosting and subscription fees are billed annually. Hosting fees are determined by website requirements and include managed services for domain names and related services. Subscription fees are based on 3rd party services used for CRM or other Internet marketing services.

Prepaid Maintenance

For clients that only require routine housekeeping and general maintenance, we offer an affordable prepaid maintenance option. Options start at just $1,000.


Did you forget a deadline? Has there been an unexpected change in staff? Has an urgent event occurred that affects your customers? We understand that emergencies sometimes happen and we will gladly do our best to accommodate our clients in these circumstances. Please understand, however, that 888 Biz Webs is unable to work with clients frequently requiring a high level of on-demand support. If your work style or the nature of your business often necessitates a crisis mode of operation, 888 Biz Webs is not the right fit for your needs.

Rush Jobs

888 Biz Webs generally does not accept rush jobs. In the unlikely event a rush project is accepted, rush fees are charged at double or triple rate depending on circumstances and requirements. If you have less than 90 days to launch a new website, we suggest considering our partner product, Small Biz Webs® for a quick, interim solution.


As business has changed, so has business travel. Our experience has proven that we can effectively and successfully work with clients across the U.S. by communicating via email, Internet and phone. Consequently, 888 Biz Webs does not travel for client projects - it's just not a good use of our time or your money.