888 Biz Webs does not manage pay-per-click campaigns for our clients.

In our experience, most of our small business clients find that they achieve more qualified leads and better conversion rates by investing in web development, organic SEO and relationship marketing.

Defining ad campaigns, selecting keywords, crafting ad copy and managing bid amounts combined with testing landing pages and tracking results can be a full-time job.

We may suggest (and temporarily manage) PPC campaigns in the following cases:

Keyword Research New Site Launch
When considering growth opportunities, PPC can be an effective method of testing new keyword strategies on a short-term basis. Because new sites are not immediately included in search results, PPC can help drive traffic until organic traffic is achieved.

Who should manage your PPC account?

In highly competitive market segments, a client may decide that PPC should be included as part of their overall Internet marketing plan. In those cases, it is suggested that the client engage with a certified PPC consultant.