Relationship Marketing

Few things have changed the way companies do business more than the web.

CRM and social media help businesses to develop mutually-rewarding relationships. Customers want to be heard. Are you listening - or still just talking?

Potential customers are spending more time and getting more intimate with company brands online than through any other medium. The relationship with customers is shifting from traditional outbound strategies to a more interactive, inbound marketing approach.

A company can build relationships with:

CRM Social Interaction
Customer relationship management (CRM) is the method of managing and measuring interactions with customers. The goals of CRM are to nurture prospects, retain (and grow) current customers and even entice former customers to return. Email marketing is one tool used for interacting and measuring the value of your customer relationships. Listening is a critical first step in defining a social media strategy. First, understand social preferences and get to know your audience. Who is your audience on Twitter? Do you even have an audience? Listening and assessing competitor strategies helps to determine if Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or something else is your best social opportunity.

Your prospect has found you. Now what?

Due to your fully-optimized and branded online marketing presence, the prospect is convinced you're a credible company. He easily found the information he was looking for and is now ready to take the next step. Your next step is to build a relationship.

Put down the megaphone.

Customers don't want to know about your business - they want to know how your business can help them. Understand the difference? Whether you want leads, sales or both, information should flow easily between you and your prospects. Provide a way for prospects to qualify themselves, request additional information or give permission for future communication.

While 888 Biz Webs does not manage social media accounts for our clients, we do assist with integrating your social accounts into your online presence. Our primary focus in relationship marketing is helping clients learn how to drive new leads to their website and then how to nurture those relationships with engaging email communication.