Are customers finding your business online?

Search engines are steadily expanding the signals they consider when ranking websites.

Today we are experiencing more changes in ranking algorithms than at any other time in the history of search engine optimization (SEO). To keep pace with these changes, the role of SEO (search engine optimizer) is evolving to become organic web strategist.

Getting found online by your customers relies on so much more than just keywords.

Not only must your website provide valuable and unique content that is relevant to a potential visitor's search query, your website must be technically correct and efficient. Then, there are off-page factors to consider from link building and social engagement to local optimization and maps.

Just a few of the factors impacting SEO include:

Site Optimization Linking Verticals Technical
Keyword Research Inbound Links Local Efficient Coding
Relevant Content Outbound Links Maps Download Speed
Site Architecture Anchor Text Video URL Management

How are customers finding your product or service online?

Even with a well-rounded search marketing plan, businesses must consider that the methods and devices used for searching the Internet are rapidly changing. Are you keeping up?

SEO is an ongoing process. It is not a one-time fix.

Google’s ranking algorithm alone is tweaked roughly 500-600 times each year (with “major” updates occurring every few months). Further, personalized search displays results based on geographic location as well as past search and click behaviors - and even social circles. Because of this, it is no longer valid to focus optimization on ranking “number one” for a single popular keyword phrase.

888 Biz Webs assists our clients with defining long-tail keyword strategies and optimizing everything from web page content to sitemaps for greater reach in achieving search marketing goals.