888 Biz Webs does not manage social media accounts for our clients.

Most social media efforts will fail without the right training or partner in place. It takes skill, market research and a willingness to invest your internal resources (time) to keep your audience engaged.

To be successful in social media, companies must understand that it’s a relationship building process. It takes time to build followers and gain trust. It takes patience and restraint. Finally, it's the quality and engagement level of your followers that matters most - not the number of followers.

While you should at least claim your brand on popular social media platforms (so no one else does) you don't always need a social media account to gain some of the rewards:

Create Valuable Content Encourage Sharing
Build valuable, relevant and timely content into your website or company blog. Share your expertise or comment on a current event that affects your industry (and your customers). Add a social sharing tool to your website that easily allows others to share your content. The best part? Sharing - not self promotion - is the essence of social media.

Just being on Facebook or signing up for LinkedIn is not enough.

Your company must know its audience profile, embrace social etiquette rules and understand your objectives. Most importantly, your company needs to set goals that are specific, attainable and measurable. And... all this must be done while maintaining consistency in your messaging to secure the integrity of your brand.

Who should managed your social media?

Your brand is exactly why you need to give Social media serious attention (and not just jump in without a plan or the proper regard for your online reputation). Social media marketing is a function of public relations and the primary reason 888 Biz Webs does not manage social media accounts for our clients.

If your company is considering social media, consult with a public relations company that specializes in social marketing. And remember, just because someone knows how to create a Facebook account doesn't mean they know how to properly represent your brand.