Wondering if 888 Biz Webs is the right fit for your company?

  • Are you a decision-maker who knows what you want from Internet marketing - but also doesn't want to learn how to do it yourself? You are? Perfect.
  • Can you give focus and time to working with 888 Biz Webs for establishing attainable and measurable goals. You can? We like the sound of that!
  • Finally, are you pretty good at staying in touch and keeping on schedule. Yes? Looks like we might just be a perfect match.

At 888 Biz Webs we treat our clients the same way we would want someone to treat us - with courtesy and respect for your time and expertise.

How We Work

Like most consultants in our industry, 888 Biz Webs does not keep regular hours. Our work sometimes requires long spans of uninterrupted time. Due to the nature of our work, we often find it is most productive to work when inspiration strikes. This is especially true when writing creative copy or coding a complex application. We do our best to strike a fair balance between celebrating the Florida lifestyle we love so much and making ourselves available to our clients.

Who We Work With

888 Biz Webs works with small and medium-sized businesses throughout the U.S. in a variety of industries including real estate, healthcare, hospitality, transportation, industrial, automotive and more. As a matter of efficiency, we prefer to work one-on-one with the decision-maker for a company (or an empowered representative). A single point of contact ensures consistency and saves time.


We appreciate prompt, efficient and streamlined communication. Although we regularly schedule planning calls with clients (and we will gladly schedule time to speak on the phone to discuss new projects), we prefer email as our primary form of communication.

Project Schedules

Successful projects require goal setting and planning. They also take time - sometimes lots of time. Think several months, not weeks. We find the best results are delivered when there is flexibility in budget and completion date. Website development is a creative process as much as it is technical. Forcing artificial deadlines on a project inevitably results in the loss of opportunities for incorporating new ideas as they arise. The best ideas are often discovered only after a project has begun. For that reason, we prefer to work on a monthly retainer schedule that allows us to set guidelines - not deadlines - for the best results possible.